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We've worked on thousands of auto accidents cases from our Chattanooga office.

No one plans for auto accidents to happen, but they still occur. When there's an injury involved, don't wait to get legal representation. At Wharton Firm, based in Chattanooga, we've been serving clients from Tennessee and Georgia (Lafayette, Ringgold, Dalton, Ellijay, Calhoun, Trenton, Rossville, Blue Ridge, and Chickamauga) for over 35 years. 


We have been winning cases for a long time. If you need help with your legal case, we'll be there for you. We can help with auto and truck accidents, workers' compensation claims, disability insurance, and social security. Whenever there's an injury involved, do not wait around for things to get better. Get the legal representation you need. 


We know it can be overwhelming to talk to a lawyer. That's why we offer a free, no obligation, consultation session to discuss your potential case. We'll let you know the various laws that apply, and we will be honest about your chances in a court room. Let's schedule a time to sit down and talk, then you can see where you want to take things from there.

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We've been winning our legal cases for a long time - that's one of the advantages of being in practice for over 35 years. If you have a personal injury case you need help with, we'll be there for you. We can even come meet clients throughout Chattanooga, Lafayette, Ringgold, Dalton, Ellijay, Calhoun, Trenton, Rossville, Blue Ridge, and Chickamauga. Call us today for the representation that will make your case a success. 
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